“Show Moose” (Mixed Media)

For this work, created as one of a series of daily drawings in August 2004, was a combination of colored pencil and oil pastels, a pair I had not yet experimented with. I’m not sure where the idea of moose dressage came from, but here you go.

Mark McKinney as Head Crusher

During a month of drawing daily in August 2014, I spent some time on celebrity portraits, specifically trying to draw characters from The Kids In The Hall. I only did this one and Cabbagehead before inexplicably stopping. I should finish this series soon.

“Valie” (Oil Pastels)

This is an oil pastel portrait I drew of my friend Valie, sourced from a photo I took with my first digital camera, back at the turn of the millennium. I drew this as part of a challenge to draw daily during August of 2004.

Bruce McCulloch as Cabbagehead

I always meant to do a full series of colored pencil portraits of The Kids In The Hall. I started with Bruce McCulloch as the character Cabbagehead, and only got as far as Mark McKinney’s “I’m crushing your head!” character before I lost my way.

Christina Lindberg Portrait

During August 2004 I was drawing something every day as part of a challenge. Somehow I came across a picture of Swedish actress and model Christina Lindberg and was inspired to draw her. There are many things I would do differently if I were drawing this one today, but it’s not bad for a portrait from my youth.

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane

Part of a challenge to draw every day in August of 2004, and also part of a series of celebrity and character portraits. Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies, and Penny Lane is a great character who was also fun to draw.

Bjork Portrait

During a challenge to draw something every day in the month of August 2014, I spent some time on celebrity portraits. I had not worked extensively with charcoal before, and didn’t do a lot of shading with this one, but I’m fairly happy with it.