Chewbacca Khan

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Chewbacca Khan plays instrumental jazz covers of 80’s and 90’s alternative, new wave, rock, and pop songs on piano and drums. I play the piano and my roommate Blake plays the drum kit that I keep in the studio.



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Victor and Blake have been friends for a long time, and much of their time has been spent listening to music together. Chewbacca Khan is their latest musical project, where they empty their heads of all the 80’s and 90’s songs they care to remember, using a grand piano and a drum kit. It’s instrumental punk rock elevator music for Generation Why, a wrong-way trip down memory lane’s one-way ghetto. To construct Chewbacca Khan, Blake and Victor draw on their improvisational and play-by-ear talents, their vast musical memory, and history of playing music together for 15 years.

The Chewbacca Khan setlist is long and growing longer, new additions being added as soon as an audience member makes a request the boys think they can play. Chances are, if they played it on Live 105 more than once during the 90’s, El Kabong can at least try to do it justice. Favorites so far include hits by Tears For Fears, Green Day, DEVO, Bad Religion, The White Stripes, A-Ha, No Doubt, Depeche Mode, Fastball, and more. Please consider Chewbacca Khan’s unique instrumental piano and drum arrangements of punk, new wave, and modern rock classics for your next hipster lounge, art bar, house party, or corporate event.