Regular Gonzalez

Regular Gonzalez (a Futurama reference, in case you were wondering) is the name I have chosen for all the multi-track music I care to record. Most Regular Gonzalez tracks involve me playing multiple instruments and producing the whole track, very rarely involving a collaborator.

I tend to resist genres by default; my first album, The Swear Jar, contains among its styles an Irish drinking song, a classical string composition, an 80’s piano pop song, an experimental electronic piece, and much inbetween.

In the studio, I work with a variety of instruments from Autoharp to Zither, often blending acoustic and electronic sounds. Live, I tend to prefer acoustic guitar and tailor my set towards that material. I currently play around Portland, Oregon at open mics, local venues, and Adventureland Ballroom, the house venue music and arts space I live in.

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