I am well versed in computer hardware, software, graphics, and print. I have built computers, administered them, written front end and back end web sites, done mobile development pre-and-post smartphone, and developed video games which ran on 5 different console and handheld systems. I have also designed and produced graphics for web sites and apps, animation for games, layouts for print, and video assets for various projects. My core skills lie in learning new technologies, adapting to existing systems, interfacing between technical and non-technical departments, and innovating under technical restrictions. I am always looking to learn something new and unite different pieces of technology.

I have worked for large and small companies but the most important factor is the team dynamic within which I work. I am seeking an opportunity to work with intelligent and creative people who push boundaries, where each person is an expert in something they can share or assist someone else with.

My preference is for part-time or contract work but I am open to full-time employment at the right company.

Dublin, CA
  • Designed and built a responsive mobile web app to provide a peer-to-peer concierge service, where people seeking information about a city can be paired with local experts to provide activities and suggestions.
  • Application includes user registration via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google via oAuth, email notifications, SMS messages via Twilio, payment processing via Stripe, and an administrative UI.
San Francisco, CA
  • Operate, promote, and perform audio recording and engineering services in a sound-proof music studio.
  • Create and manage web site, flyers and postcards, social media presence, and online ad campaigns.
Redwood Shores, CA
  • Designed and programmed object and character behavior for The Sims 2 (PC), The Sims 2 University (PC), The Sims 2 (PS2/NGC/XBox), The Sims 2 Open For Business (PC), The Sims 2 Pets (PC/PS2), The Sims Castaway (Wii/PS2), and The Sims 3 (PC).
  • Trained new gameplay engineers and USC students on EA’s custom scripting language and tools used on The Sims games.
Walnut Creek, CA

Though employed as a web designer, my skills in computer hardware and software troubleshooting were often utilized to fix problems with the 20 computers in the office and classroom. Additionally, the sister company, Elcom, would sometimes send me out for on-site tech support, or network and workstation installs.

  • Designed logos, web sites, and print advertising for the clients of this small web design and education company.
  • Taught courses on Beginning Web Design and Adobe Photoshop in the adult education classroom.
Redwood Shores, CA

Awarded “Firefighter of the Year” at the annual EA company meeting in 2006 for five weeks spent in Vancouver helping a team at EA Canada port The Sims 2 Pets from PS2 to PSP on a tight schedule.

San Francisco, CA

Awarded the “Best Romantic Activism” award in the 2008 SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay issue for opening Heart of the Castro Wedding Chapel.


In addition to thousands of hours of experimentation as a hobbyist, hacker, and generally curious child, I have continually studied academic subjects as an adult outside of the academic structure.

I have studied a wide variety of university-level disciplines using resources such as online libraries and archives, YouTube and Google Video, Wikipedia, and full-semester audio/video courses from institutions such as Stanford University and The Teaching Company.

Topics of study have included Earth Sciences and Geology, Classical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Astronomy, Game Theory, Number Theory, Linguistics, Philosophy, Neuroscience, and iPhone Programming.