Citizen Of Earth Web SIte

My long term friend Stephen Cocconi, who does personal consulting, teaching, and channeling, asked me to transform his old static HTML site into something dynamic that he could maintain. I interpreted his existing web site design in a modular fashion and built a WordPress site with custom plugins to address his desired features. I then trained him on how to use the WordPress interface, my custom plugin administration panel, and to add new custom content. Live features include:

  • Hierarchy of pages, blog categories, and custom taxonomies to represent the unique teaching system he uses in his personal trade.
  • A WordPress plugin/widget to display random testimonials from his clients, along with a custom database for him to add entries to via web interface.
  • A custom tarot card application, reproducing the features of an old inflexible JavaScript application and adding new features.
    • Custom images, css, page type, and category pages for individual tarot cards, designed and produced by Stephen
    • Custom pages and a WordPress [shortcode] syntax allowing Stephen to specify a variety of layouts in which to deal the cards
    • Custom CSS for card display, in multiple modes and contexts (dealt, undealt, shown in category list)
    • Links to custom taxonomies and detail pages for more info on cards