Bjork Portrait

During a challenge to draw something every day in the month of August 2014, I spent some time on celebrity portraits. I had not worked extensively with charcoal before, and didn’t do a lot of shading with this one, but I’m fairly happy with it.

They Might Be Giants Portrait

They Might Be Giants are my first and oldest favorite band. I discovered them at age 10 and I have been seeing them live since age 14. In 2016, I saw them for the 17th and 18th time. In 2004, when challenged to draw something every day of August, I chose to draw the Two Johns on one of those days.

Christina Ricci Portrait

August 2004 was a month where I was challenged to draw something every day. Many of those were celebrity portraits, and one in particular is of Christina Ricci, who has always been a favorite of mine.