CD Booklet for The Sincerelys – Happy Here On In

This booklet for The Sincerelys’ debut CD was made in close cooperation with the lyricist and artist, Bernard McKenna. First, the lyrics were typeset to fit within a 20 page booklet. Then, the typeset lyrics were printed out and Bernard drew line drawings in the white space around the lyrics, using tracing paper over the printouts. After those were scanned, the line drawings were cleaned up and printed out on high quality paper. The line drawings on that paper were then colored by Bernard, scanned in one final time, and composited against ink marbling backgrounds we had made together and scanned separately. Finally, the lyrics font was changed from a standard system font to one which I made with Bernard, converting a sheet of his handwriting into a reusable font so that the hand written look could be achieved while still leveraging the previously typeset lyrics.

Click here to see the full PDF.