The Sims 2 Pets (Console)

2006, Electronic Arts, PS2/Wii/GameCube, (view on MobyGames)

Responsibilities: Gameplay Programming: Pet Plaza Buildings and Store Interactions

The Sims 2 Pets was a simultaneous release which shared assets between a PC expansion and a Console game. I worked on the console game, which was a sequel to The Sims 2 Console but with added pets content. As someone familiar with developing both the console and PC versions of The Sims, I was able to assist modelers and animators from the PC team who were unfamiliar with content requirements for the console games.

The Sims 2 (Console)

2005, Electronic Arts, PS2/GameCube/XBox (view on MobyGames)

Responsibilities: Game and Interaction Design, Gameplay Programming: Anti-Gravity Hot Tub, Wave Machine, Fire-related Systems, Food Sources

As an experienced engineer with The Sims 2 programming language, I was transferred to the console team to help bring the gameplay of The Sims 2 from the PC to XBox, PS2, and GameCube. On the PC, a mouse would be used to send the sim to places and interact with objects, but we wanted to avoid having a cursor. I helped prototype a system which gave users direct joystick control of sims for navigation, with proximity and direction determining which objects the user could interact with.