The Sims 2 (PC)

2004, Electronic Arts, Windows/PC (view on MobyGames)

Responsibilities: Game Design, Prototyping, Gameplay Programming: Candy Factory, Playing Tag, Autonomous Urinal Selection Behavior

The Sims 2 was the first commercial video game I helped program. I was hired by Maxis, owned by Electronic Arts, to learn the proprietary language used to script behavior in the game. As part of the extended development to improve the game design of The Sims 2, I was placed on a “SWAT team” to design behavior for Sloppy sims, as well as contributing to the design and testing of death scenarios.

“Show Moose” (Mixed Media)

For this work, created as one of a series of daily drawings in August 2004, was a combination of colored pencil and oil pastels, a pair I had not yet experimented with. I’m not sure where the idea of moose dressage came from, but here you go.

Mark McKinney as Head Crusher

During a month of drawing daily in August 2014, I spent some time on celebrity portraits, specifically trying to draw characters from The Kids In The Hall. I only did this one and Cabbagehead before inexplicably stopping. I should finish this series soon.

“Valie” (Oil Pastels)

This is an oil pastel portrait I drew of my friend Valie, sourced from a photo I took with my first digital camera, back at the turn of the millennium. I drew this as part of a challenge to draw daily during August of 2004.

Bruce McCulloch as Cabbagehead

I always meant to do a full series of colored pencil portraits of The Kids In The Hall. I started with Bruce McCulloch as the character Cabbagehead, and only got as far as Mark McKinney’s “I’m crushing your head!” character before I lost my way.

Christina Lindberg Portrait

During August 2004 I was drawing something every day as part of a challenge. Somehow I came across a picture of Swedish actress and model Christina Lindberg and was inspired to draw her. There are many things I would do differently if I were drawing this one today, but it’s not bad for a portrait from my youth.